Tuesday, October 20, 2009

James A. Ray kills 3 people and his buddy Oprah says nothing

You know who has some serious 'splaining to do? Oprah freakin' Winfrey. Oprah humiliated James Frey on national TV for exaggerating a couple sentences in his book, A Million Little Pieces.

Meanwhile Oprah was giving her seal of approval to guru huckster James A. Ray -- who a short while later killed 3 people while playing God in the Arizona desert.

Oprah's response to James A. Ray killing 3 people? Crickets. It's too bad James A. Ray didn't exaggerate a couple sentences in a book AND commit murder because then Oprah would be all over it (well at least she's be all over the literary license issue, the murders, not so much).

For more on the James A. Ray disaster check out the reporting on Beyond Growth.

Or check out @duffmcduffee's excellent Twitter feed (he's been tracking this story since it broke).

And for an insiders account of James A. Ray's death lodge retreat, check out this article from Cassandra Yorgey at the LA Examiner. Warning: this article will seriously make you want to throw up.

Update #1: As T Fitzsimmons notes in a diary on Daily Kos, Arianna Huffington also has some 'splaining to do in connection with her promotion of James A. Ray on the Huffington Post "Living" section.


Cassandra Yorgey said...

Thanks for continuing the discussion!

Unknown said...

Hi Cassandra:

Thanks for the comment and thanks for your great reporting! Your article is one of the best that has been written on this matter. It's incredible that James A. Ray isn't behind bars already but hopefully he will be soon. Thanks again for your work exposing the truth in this disaster.

RFK Action Front

Cassandra Yorgey said...

Glad to be of service! *tips hat*