Wednesday, October 21, 2009

some questions for a Wednesday

What's the different between charity and revolution?

What's the difference between social entrepreneurship and revolution?

Don't both of those questions basically come down to this question: Who ultimately holds the power?

In what ways does charity preserve existing power structures in society?

In what ways does social entrepreneurship perpetuate existing power structures in society?

In what ways do charity and social entrepreneurship stem from the same unspoken belief that if poor people took power, they'd just fuck things up?

What are the keys to not fucking things up once one achieves power? (We've just seen the well-healed Ivy League crowd totally fuck up the entire global financial system so clearly no one has a monopoly on doing the right thing.)

Okay, I'm game for seeing it a different way:

In what ways do charities shake up existing power structures?

In what ways do social entrepreneurs upset existing power structures?

Is it necessary to have a conversation about power in any conversation about inequality or injustice?

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