Friday, June 05, 2009

You're doing a heckuva job Bishop DiMarzio

So the NY Times reports today that Catholic Bishop Nicholas A. DiMarzio of Brooklyn is getting involved in politics! Oh that's great! Is he working to pass a bill to feed hungry families? Maybe he's working to support universal health care or maybe a program to create jobs? Nope. Bishop DiMarzio is throwing all of his energies into stopping a bill that would temporarily lift the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases. You read that right -- Bishop DiMarzio is getting involved in politics to try to prevent child sex abuse victims from getting their day in court:
Bishop Nicholas A. DiMarzio of Brooklyn repeated a warning this week that he has leveled at lawmakers for months: If the statute of limitations on child sex-abuse lawsuits is temporarily lifted, as pending state legislation proposes... his Roman Catholic diocese and others will go bankrupt. [Full article here.]
Did you catch that? He's saying there are so many pedophile priests in his diocese that if every person (usually children) who was abused by the church was allowed to have their day in court -- then the church would go bankrupt.

Seriously, why is ANYONE still a Catholic knowing what we know now about the extent of the abuse perpetrated by the church!? Why not just become an Episcopalian? Just think of Episcopalianism as Catholicism without all the pedophilia.

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