Friday, June 05, 2009

Liz "Baby Dick" Cheney Meets Post Modernism for the First Time

It seems that Liz "Baby Dick" Cheney (hat tip to Marcy Wheeler via Digby for the new nickname) has simply never heard a comprehensive post modern vision of the world. Which would make sense of course -- she certainly didn't hear it around the dinner table growing up, she likely would not have heard it at Colorado College, and she never hears anything like it by listening to Fox News. (The Cheney family and Fox News basically reduce all political talking points down to variations on the phrase, "Suck it!" so anything different from that might seem foreign). So when Baby Dick or other bubble Republicans hear Obama's speech from Cairo yesterday they're like, 'whaaaa!? It's like he's speaking an alien language from the planet Zortron!' Post modernism is really not that complicated. It's the principle that we should look at any issue from as many different angles as possible before taking action. But again, if one had never heard a post modern vision of the world, yeah, I imagine it would be jarring to hear it for the first time.

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Update #1: Baby Dick appeared on TV 22 times in less than a month!

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