Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hard to imagine this not working out

So General Motors, bankrupt, bleeding market share, taken over by the government -- has a new ad campaign that they are airing in heavy rotation during the NBA Finals. The ad is called "Reinvention" and you can see it here:

The part of the ad that I want to focus on (and that makes me SCREAM at the TV when I see it) appears at the 26 second mark:

VOICE OVER: "There was a time when our cost structure could compete worldwide. Not anymore."


For those not familiar with hockey injuries -- if you get slashed in the face -- with a stick or a skate -- you are supposed to immediately press your face to the ice -- to help stop the bleeding.

And GM thinks this is gonna sell cars how? Way to tell the world that you are back in business -- "GM is like a hockey player that has been slashed in the face! Buy our cars!"

This ad was ripe for parody -- and sure enough, a parody is already up on YouTube (by the way, the spoof has over 65,000 views, the original commercial has just 167 view on YouTube):

Given that you and I OWN this company right now -- can we please fire this ad agency as soon as possible. Thanks.

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