Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet new environmental widget

If you live in LA or NY or DC or anywhere other than Appalachia (or Wyoming) mountaintop removal mining can seem out of sight and out of mind. So the folks over at have developed this clever little widget. Just type in your zip code and the widget will tell you who your power company is and whether they rely on coal obtained from mountaintop removal mining.

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So for example, Los Angeles, which has no coal mines and no coal-fired power plants within city limits -- imports its energy from the Argus Cogen Plant which buys its coal from mountaintop removal operations in Utah, Wyoming, and Appalachia. So rather than being out of sight and out of mind, I now understand that Southern California is directly involved in mountaintop removal mining.

When you enter your zip code and click "Show My Connection" not only will you get info on your local power company but they also provide a link so that you can "Tell your power company to stop supporting mountaintop removal." Simple, effective, brilliant.

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