Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can I ask another question?

Isn't the great historical struggle -- the task facing humanity through the ages -- to build a system based on love rather than domination? Love rather than domination in our relationships, love rather than domination in our economics, love rather than domination in our politics.

You can have a system (indeed we do have a system) based on domination. It will function, it will have its own internal logic, it will be able to perpetuate itself.

But every once in a while little glimpses of a system based on love peak through -- in our relationships, in our economics, in our politics. Isn't that what draws people to religious figures -- the hope for a world based on love rather than domination (only to be disillusioned when religion perpetuates domination, ahem Pope Benedict, in the name of love). Isn't that why people literally weep at the thought of Robert Kennedy -- the realization that a leader embodied the possibility of a world system based on love. Isn't that the struggle of all religious movements and political revolutions -- to move from a system based on domination to one based on love? Isn't that the defining struggle of our time and the defining struggle indeed of the human race?

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