Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NRA -- What's up with the word Rifle in the name?

The other day I started thinking about how strange it is that a group decided to call itself the National Rifle Association. "Rifle" is the word that sticks out as unusual.

Check this out:

  • The Second Amendment talks about the right "to bear arms" but makes no mention of rifles per se.
  • The broad class of weapons that the NRA seeks to promote are called "guns." A rifle is just one type of gun. So why wouldn't the group name itself after the class -- NGA, National Gun Association -- rather than NRA, National Rifle Association?

Just as "Tea Bagging" at first appears to be an embarrassing oversight by clueless conservatives only to turn out, upon further investigation, to be a deliberately coded sexual taunt, so too I believe the word "rifle" in NRA is both intentional and reveals their deeper motives.

As any decent psychologist/sociologist will tell you, the rifle is a symbolic representation of the penis. What the NRA is promoting is not just the right to bear arms or own guns -- quite literally they are promoting male dominance and male superiority in society. When Charlton Heston says, "You can have my gun, when you pry it out of my cold dead hands" he's not just talking about "rifles" -- he's talking about his entire phallocentric, cock-centered view of the world -- where the interests of men and more specifically the interests of the male cock are to be honored as sacred. Indeed the rifle or the gun becomes the tool by which the patriarchal male inflicts his cock-centric view upon the rest of the population. So quite literally, on both a practical and symbolic level, the National Rifle Association is a collection of people dedicated to rifles, that is to penises, and promoting the wants, desires, and interests of penises (and their owners) as the central defining values of American life.

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