Friday, May 22, 2009

The modern brain is like Microsoft Windows (unfortunately)

Microsoft Windows is basically just a pretty graphical user interface that hides the fact that the computer system is actually running on clunky archaic DOS. So too the modern brain (including the frontal lobe and all the more highly evolved brain structures that emerged over millions of years of evolution) is really just the pretty user interface (with ethics and morality and speech) that hides that fact that we are really run (too much of the time) by our archaic lizard brains -- that want power and sex and violence. (My earlier Bowlingual post was getting at a similar idea as it applies to modern political campaigns.) How else do we explain that fact that we continue to engage in war and violence and hormonally driven mating behavior in spite of the fact that by now we should know better?

I wonder if the reason Generation Y is so much fucking smarter than every other generation is because they are the first generation where their operating system has been built correctly and seamlessly from inception. By that I mean, Generation Y is the first generation to grow up with equal rights for women, environmental awareness, multiculturalism, globalism, new technologies -- and I wonder if that changes how their brains are organized. Said differently I wonder if Generation Y is really the Apple Mac OS (built from inception to take advantage of modern processors without the ancient crappy baggage of DOS) while earlier generations continue to rely on Windows/DOS (acting as if they are the same thing when they aren't). How else to explain how quickly and easily Gen Y seems to just get it -- whether it is new technology or complex social issues.

Update #1: I guess the Mac OS is built upon Unix code -- so it does have a former structure in there but it's light years more advanced than DOS I would argue.

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