Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chutes without Ladders

  1. Conservatism loves authority.
  2. The conservative understanding of patriarchal authority excludes even the possibility of hypocrisy (in their view, whatever the chief says, by definition, is true).
  3. The absence of an understanding of hypocrisy means that irony is dead too (hypocrisy and irony are two sides of the same coin -- hypocrisy is intentional, irony is unintentional, but both produce the opposite effect of what is publicly stated or desired).
  4. If there can be no hypocrisy or irony (if one could never say one thing and do another or unintentionally say or do something that causes the opposite result) there can be no self parody (as heirs to a tradition which excludes hypocrisy or irony, one could never accidentally or unintentionally humiliate oneself).
  5. Which leads to stoopid shit like this.

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