Monday, June 11, 2007

A Closer Look at the 2008 Republican Presidential Candidates

Truth is, it's a pretty lean year for Republican Presidential candidates. There doesn't seem to be a genuine leader in the bunch. And I think we need to remind people of that every single time we mention the candidates' names (to the extent that we speak of them at all). So here are some keywords for describing the candidates, (along with explanations in the parenthesis), and the reason why this man should not be President.

Mayor and tobacco lobbyist Rudolph Giuliani
(he's never held a statewide or national office)
Chose to put the Emergency Commander Center inside the World Trade Center.

soon to be 72 year old John McCain
(he'd be the oldest President in U.S. history)
He's not the man he once was.

Former Massachusetts Governor Willard "Varmint Hunter" Romney
(The ultimate flip flopper.)
Have you read Under the Banner of Heaven? I'm all for freedom of conscience but any religion with secret underwear is wacky.

Thespian and asbestos lobbyist Fred Thompson
(I hope all those "shut up and sing" Republicans will remind Thompson that they want thespians to know their place and stop talking politics.)
18 year Washington lobbyist running as an "outsider."

Soft on Crime Governor Mike Huckabee
(Pardoned rapist Wayne Dumond who later raped and killed another woman.)
Can you say Willie Horton?

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Crapshaw said...

I say John Stewart for president...did you see this?: