Friday, September 04, 2009

Rocket science

No public option = one term President

Why? Because Obama promised universal coverage during the campaign and we in turn gave him $500 million in campaign contributions, 13 million volunteers, 60 Democratic Senators, and 256 Democratic House members. In politics that's as close as you're ever gonna get to a royal flush and if you can't win the hand with a royal flush -- if you can't win on the signature Democratic initiative that has defined the party for the last 50 years -- then go back to writing uplifting autobiographies and we'll find another candidate.

The problem with TARP, the reason people hate that bill and the reason it's a huge anchor dragging this administration down -- is that it is a bailout of Wall Street NOT a bailout of the American people.

And the problem with the health care bill as it's being written by Rahm and fucking Olympia Snowe is that it is becoming a bailout of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies -- not a universal health care plan for the American people (which is what we were promised).

Look if Obama truly believes that "What's good for Wall Street is good for the American people (TM)" -- if that's his governing philosophy -- great. But that's not what he said during the campaign. And right now Hope and Change and Yes We Can and Bipartisanship (TM) is being used to sell us on bailouts for billion dollar companies rather than services for the American people.

The fact that Obama seems willing to bet the farm on triggers -- the fact that he is willing to bet his entire presidency on giving the private health insurance industry one more try! -- is lunacy. 81% of Democrats want a public option. You fuck 81% of your base it's gonna be awfully difficult to get re-elected.

Update #1: I think this post from Firedoglake is the most damning post about the behind the scenes horse trading (selling out) going on in Congress and at the White House.

Update #2: The borough of Brooklyn has almost TWICE the population as the STATE of Maine. So why is Olympia Snowe writing the health care bill again? Maybe we should just let some Brooklyn Borough President write the health care bill since after all, he represents more people.

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