Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sprucing Up

Over the holidays we did a little sprucing up around here at the RFK Action Front. You'll note a few new features in the left side bar. I added a Best of RFK Action Front section to highlight some of my best posts from the past year. I also added a Digg box so you can check out articles I found interesting from across the internet. A little further down you'll note the You Tube box with both of the RFK Action Front Productions videos created this past year. Finally, I've added a few friends to the links section including well know progressive blogs Digby, Eschaton, Feministing, and The Agonist plus a few personal productivity blogs that are always interesting (Lifehack and Steve Pavlina) -- because if the revolution is gonna succeed, we're gonna need to be productive little bees. Buzz, buzz.

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