Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Problem with Phil De Vellis

By now everyone knows that ParkRidge47, the creator of the Hillary 1984 viral video, is actually Phillip De Vellis.

He posted an article on Huffington Post.

He's been interviewed on YouTube.

And he's been interviewed on MyDD.

It seems to me that there is no question that he is a clever video editor. He apparently made the clip on his Mac laptop one weekend using Final Cut Pro, Motion, and "a little Photoshop" and visually it's amazing.

But as a political strategist--going nuclear like this on a fellow Democrat seems insane.

Anytime Fox News runs your ad 5 times a day you've clearly screwed up.

Think of how much more effective this ad would have been if Phil had used images of Bush and the Iraq war?

There's a reason why Republicans win elections (other than of course rigging the computers, and voter intimidation)--they play as a team.

To me, any one of the leading Democratic candidates (Clinton, Obama, Edwards, or Richardson) would make an amazing president and lead this country out of the misery of 8 years of Republican rule. Progressives need to keep their on the prize--taking back the White House.

It's great that a regular Joe made a pretty ad on his mac. But at the end of the day he helped the Republican National Committee and hurt his own candidate.

Dude deserved to get fired from Blue State Digital.

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